Weeknotes s01e26

TL, DR: Azure Express Route… so close! Our Digital Design Principles — Doing things once. NHSmail service just got way better..Microsoft InTune is now available.

[W/C 25/10/2021]

Had a week on leave last week for some family time out with a few days away. Came back to a long, and at times fast paced week.Last weeknotes can be seen here. Here is how this week went…

Who did you talk to outside your organisation?

  • Myself and Mandy caught up with our account manager at Virgin Media to progress some indicative quotes for moving some of our circuits to a new on-prem data centre. Ended up picking up some staff benefit offers that Virgin are offering their corporate customers Virgin Affinity.

What would you have liked to do more of?

Currently working on some procurement specifications which need some detailed technical scoping and some undisturbed time to get through. When you get into that space where you have a flow going and then a forced break due to meetings.

What do you wish you could have changed?

  • Due to some collapsed ducts at Woodsend some civils works are needed. Work has been paused since August trying to get a position statement from the supplier as well as wayleave permission to carry out the remedial works. Anticipated date for delivery is March 2022! This is staggering considering when the order was placed for this simple DIA circuit in June 21. We need a better way of standing up new sites. I am convinced that the way forward for pop up small sites is SD WAN with broadband commodity underlay service which typically has lead times of inside 4 weeks. May actually consider this as a short term work around…

What challenged me?

  • One of our suppliers continues to disappoint to almost expected outcomes. With us still not having a bug fix for an upstream system that prevents an office 365 AfE dependent legacy application from being removed. We are now expecting a bug fix release in the next couple of weeks, if that proves to be the case we may yet be able to salvage our time frames for Office 365 deployment.

What did you enjoy?

  • Coming back from Annual Leave and the Office 365 project team have pressed on with progressing One drive migrations. We are now in full flow big bang this week and next week across the organisation.
  • Caught up with Andy Callow after a long while, was an engaging chat around Enterprise Architecture and Cyber Security going forward across the Group. Really keen to get cracking on tackling some of those items of in the Digital Strategy with a Group focus across both Hospital Trusts and to do it once for both. Especially items like single sign on and a joined up view on Cloud.

What did you achieve?

  • Myself and Grant (Infrastructure Manager) had a few cloud and infrastructure project sessions this week with Karen our newly assigned Project Manager for the Cloud Data Centre Migration Programme. We went through the migration waves, introduced to the Phoenix project manager on the cloud standup this week and went through the project RAID log to update. Finished the week with running through licencing requirements with Phoenix for when we start migrating servers into the cloud to make sure we remain covered.

What did you learn?

  • We had a Group Digital Town Hall this week with the focus being on next steps towards achieving theme 8 of the Group Digital Strategy — “Collaborating for a shared purpose

“NHSmail Intune is a new, cloud-based centralised mobile device management (MDM) service. The NHSmail Intune solution will centralise device management under the NHSmail shared tenant, while maintaining a high degree of customisation, oversight and local autonomy for organisations.”

Really looking forward to getting our teams to onboarding this service and delivering these benefits to our users. When I think of the use cases for our clinicians who are mobile across both Trust’s and collaborative working the possibilities are numerous. Making ease of access from anywhere easier and single sign on for NHSmail services.

  • Also attended the weekly NHSmail Webinar. FIDO2 for MFA is now in general release from next week.

“FIDO2 provides NHSmail users with an additional option for multi-factor authentication (MFA). FIDO2 authentication enables password-only logins to be replaced with secure and fast login experiences, leveraging common devices, to authenticate across websites and applications in both mobile and desktop environments.”

  • Started to review requirements for a new office site for hotdesking for back office staff to enable some demolition works for HIP2. The brief didn’t make sense to me, in that it will be WiFi enabled only and for staff to bring along their laptops. Sounds a lot like working from home with the office costs.. have been asked to scope up for up to 50 users. Have requested some costs for network circuits and broadband. Will endeavour to scope up the details after a site visit next week.

What are you looking forward to next week?

  • Running through our HIP2/Data Centre requirements with our EPR provider for scoping migration from our current Data Centre and the associated costs to feed into the HIP2 business case.

Last weeknotes can be seen here.

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