Weeknotes s01e18

TL,DR: Office 365 Planning Workshop and collaborative Cyber Security Funding Bids

[W/C: 23/08/2021]

Who did you talk to outside your organisation?

  • Pentera — quick catch-up call following our automated pen testing POC a few weeks backand potential next steps.
VMWare Velocloud SDWAN Overview Session

What would you have liked to do more of?

  • Emily Wright and myself worked with ian roddis to run a half day Planning Workshop for Office 365 which ran on Thursday. Few weeks of planning and prep went into this and primary focus was to ensure everyone is on the same page and we could assess the time and effort required to re-work the current timeline to bring in delivery dates that align better with those set out by N365/NHS Digital. After what was a really good morning workshop, I really would liked to have continued for an afternoon workshop session to follow on from the morning Office 365. We spent the morning updating on current progress, challenges, dependencies, and the end user experience for AfE and E3/R licenced users. We presented what the new O365 environment would look like for the different use cases. There was a lot of discussion here and it was needed with such a complex programme. However, it meant we only got to touch on some of the re-planning elements. We had some good outputs from the session which will help focus the wider attention in to delivery mode. Looking forward to the follow on sessions that will no doubt follow on and the creation of our war room for Office 365 deployment.

What do you wish you could have changed?

  • Myself and Mary Macleod interviewed for the KGH Cyber Security Manager post which is the second time it had gone out. Unfortunately we were unable to appoint and will have to go out again or rethink how we fill the position.

What challenged me?

  • There was some confusion around the requirements for a Cyber Security update paper for which the scope we had been working towards changed towards the end of the week. It became apparent we had lost something in translation from the initial request. Which means the pressure will be on for the following week to meet deadlines.

What did you learn?

Read a few interesting articles this week, one of note was around “5 steps for modernising enterprise networks”. Covered software defined networks, AI, Cloud, Wi-Fi 6, and network security.

What did you enjoy?

  • Office 365 Workshop — This was my first day back working with colleagues physically in the same space, so there was a sense of nostalgia for me personally as I have been shielding and working remotely since the first wave of Covid19 hit due to living with vulnerable family members. Never thought I would have said it, I actually enjoyed the drive in (possibly because of quieter holiday season roads) as well as the workshop itself and interacting face to face. Spent the afternoon back at IT base camp onsite at the KGH. Looking forward to spending a bit more time onsite going forward where required.

What did you achieve?

Was a bit of a fast pace week, with Office 365 workshop prep and the workshop itself. The gaps being filled with Cyber bids and prep info for Cyber and Cloud papers due next week.

What are you looking forward to next week?

  • Regrouping post Office 365 Workshop and planning out the next steps with Emily O365 Project Manager.

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